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Lucian Nan creates large-scale art pieces perfectly suited for the spaces and walls of our modern, urban environment. Uniquely created through a process Lucian developed himself, his art allows for minimal disruption to the surrounding environment upon installation.

A meticulous designer, Lucian creates the perfect piece to fit a particular space. Each piece is influenced by the surrounding area and forms an intimate relationship with its environment.

His art is particularly suited for office and commercial buildings, residential interiors, as well as public spaces in hotels, transportation hubs and other high traffic areas.

Multi-panel for 3M Office

Self-organizing Motion 2

Multi-panel for COSR

8 a-b-c

Geometry of Situation

Chrome Yellow 2

Chrome Yellow 3

d One

Chrome Yellow 1

Self-organizing Motion 1

Multi-panel for KPMG Office

Vesta 2

Vesta 1

Entrance Sign

Art, Value and Technology

Made to represent the values and characteristics of the specific community, location, or organization for which the art installation is created, Lucian’s art represents an investment with a potential to appreciate over time, both artistically and monetarily.

At its core, Lucian’s art is a fusion of art and technology, combining artistic elements with an innovative production and mounting process. Featuring a specially developed technology to aid in the installation process, pieces are designed and constructed offsite and installed quickly with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Innovation, Durability and Budget-Friendly

Influenced by Lucian’s experience in architecture, the innovative mounting process introduces a further degree of durability to the already resilient art work. Primarily constructed with aluminum, steel, reflective plastics and other durable materials, Lucian’s work is resistant to natural elements, such as UV light and water damage. Additionally, most of his creations are versatile and can be displayed both indoors and outdoors, a welcome feature by many.

Lucian’s art is commissioned primarily by art patrons or businesses and can be tailored to most budgets. As such, limitations are few and due to an expandable panel structure, pieces can be scaled to fit any space.


Lucian Nan is currently represented in the United States, Canada, and Europe by Transiris. If you are interested in commissioning art for your space, or would like more details, please contact +1-415-830-6131 or send us a message by filling in the form below.

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